Brisbane Bandits Insider Night

Brisbane Bandits night
Purposely designed for business partners, sponsors and key stakeholders, the mission of the Brisbane Bandits Insider Night is to continue to forge relationships.  Its purpose is to increase networking so that everyone involved in the Brisbane Bandits Insider Night has the opportunity to work in collaboration with others.
The Lord Alfred Hotel, situated in the city center held the event, who are also one of the key sponsors of the Brisbane Bandits. Five key Brisbane Bandits players turned up on the night to support the event and took time to network with sponsors. 
Bandits principal owner, Kevin Cuyler who joined the club in 2022 took attendees on a journey around his involvement with baseball.  Additionally, World Lightweight Champion Boxer, Philip Holiday also provided a motivational speech around his professional boxing career to entertain the crowd. 
Operations Coordinator, Mr. Daniel Gourlay, facilitated a Q&A with players and asked what they were looking forward to in the coming Brisbane Bandits season. A highlight reel was also shown throughout the evening including some epic Brisbane Bandits 90’s flashbacks.
The Brisbane Bandits series starts in November. To purchase tickets for an upcoming game, purchase merchandise and stay up-to-date with team news, please visit