Ninja Warrior Course Could be an Olympic Sport

Ninja Warrior Course being an Olympic Sport

Although there is no word on inclusion in the 2032 Brisbane Olympics, there is talk of a Ninja Warrior Course being an Olympic Sport included in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games. This is positive news for the likes of Olivia Vivian  from Australian Ninja Warrior, who’s ambitions for the sport as a whole could eventually be realised on a global scale.

Olivia Vivian, 33, competed as a gymnast in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, and again in the 2014 Commonwealth Games hosted in Glasgow. Retiring in 2016 from gymnastics, in 2017 she was a competitor in the inaugural season of Australian Ninja Warrior, and went on to compete on the  2019 Ninja World Championships hosed in Moscow Russia. Olivia has also made a transition into television, as she was announced as a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice Australia in 2021.

Due to the athletic ability required for sports like Ninja Warrior, it is good to see the athleticism recognised globally, and this may lead to more athletes from traditional sports having the possibility to transition across to other Olympics sports. For athletes like Olivia Vivian, who have transitioned from a traditional Olympic sport, it must be wonderful to see the progression of Ninja Warrior as a sport.

With planning already starting, the 2032 Brisbane Olympics will provide a wonderful opportunity to increase economic growth for Brisbane,  and will showcase Brisbane city to the world.

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