Which Olympic Games had the largest attendance?

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How will Brisbane Olympic attendance compare?

Olympic Games visitor numbers can vary depending on the host city and the specific edition of the Games. For the Olympic Games, there are multiple number of attendees, such as athletes, officials, media and broadcasters, sponsors, volunteers, and spectators. Generally, the number of athletes who compete in the Olympics is around 10,500-15,000. The number of officials is around 20,000 – 25,000. For the spectator side, it could go from several hundred thousand to millions, depending on the venue capacity and ticket sales.

Busy Times

The London 2012 Olympic Games visitor numbers saw sales of over 8.8 million, while an extra 8.5 million people visited the Olympic Park each day of the games. Additionally, according to official figures, London also saw a significant number of tourists and visitors during the Olympics. As many as 17.5 million people visited England, UK during the Olympic Games timeframe.

The majority of these visitors were spectators who came to watch the various sporting events taking place from various venues across the city. These people came to the city to be a part of the atmosphere and excitement. The Olympic Park itself had a capacity of about 80,000 spectators per day, which was open for free for the visitors but required a timed ticket, this accounted for the large visitors count. London 2012 was one of the most well-attended Olympic Games in history.

It is likely that Brisbane city will be home to 530,000 more people than today by the time the Olympics arrive.  The event will draw in a lot of visitors from across Australia and also from many overseas countries, which will be fantastic for the economy.