Channel Nine Wins Rights for the next 5 Olympics


The Olympic Games are the most prestigious international sporting event in the world. With a history that dates to ancient Greece, the Olympic Games are a global phenomenon. The games bring together athletes from all corners of the globe. In recent years, the broadcast rights to the Olympic Games have become one of the most sought-after contracts in the world. Channel Nine Wins Rights for the next 5 Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has recently announced that Nine Entertainment Co. (Channel Nine) has been awarded Australian broadcast rights. They will cover the Summer and Winter Olympic Games from 2024-2032.

5 Olympics Games Awarded

This is a major win for Channel 9 and a testament to the network’s commitment to bringing high-quality sports content to the Australian audience. Channel 9 will be the official broadcaster of the Olympic Games in Australia for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, plus 2028 in Los Angeles. They will also continue through to the 2032 Summer Olympics here in Australia and the city of Brisbane. They will also broadcast the 2026 and 2030 Winter Olympics.

Additionally, with the Olympic Games attracting a global audience of billions of people, Channel 9 will be able to reach a massive audience. They will showcase its commitment to delivering high-quality sports content.

IOC President, Thomas Bach, said: “Australia is a great sporting nation with a long Olympic history which will be taken to new heights with the hosting of the Olympic Games Brisbane 2032. Our new partnership with Nine will ensure Olympic fans across Australia have unparalleled coverage. On their platform of choice.” (

Channel 9’s win of the broadcast rights to the Olympic Games is also a major win for Australian sports fans. The network has promised to bring extensive coverage of the games to the Australian audience. They will do live broadcasts of the events, highlights, and also games analysis. This will give sports fans in Australia front row seats and the opportunity to experience the excitement plus build the drama of the Olympic Games as it unfolds in real-time.

We look forward to watching!

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