From Down Under to the Big League

Lisa Norrie Visit Brisbane 2032

Lisa Norrie is now fulfilling her dream as a coach in the American Baseball League, going from Down Under to the Big League. Initially involved as a guest coach in 2021 at Instructional league for the Oakland A’s, Lisa was asked to join the coaching staff in the fall league with the Mesar Solar Sox. A team made up of players from the Oakland A’s, New Your Yankees, Chicago Cubs,Tampa Bay Rays and Miami Marlins. 

Since being at Instructional League working out with the athletes and the coaching staff, Lisa got hired part time by Ed Sprague. Ed is the Director of Player Development and is heading over for spring training at the end of February. Following this, Lisa is heading back over again in August this year to join the coaching staff for the end of the minor league season and Instructs again.   


Lisa initially worked as a guest coach for the instructional, focusing on infielders and base running. Lisa talked about the differences in coaching. “I have noticed some differences in the coaching approaches in America compared to Australia. America has larger facilities and more coaches to support players, as well as more funding which allows for more sophisticated resources.” 

Lisa began her coaching career in 2013 with the women’s state team, which helped to build strength and confidence around her approach with both players, and coaching. Lisa was the first female to be a part of the coaching staff in the ABL with Brisbane Bandits. She was with them for two successful seasons, winning the championship both years.

Although there is a women’s league in Australia, many female state players participate in the men’s league. There are plans to establish a Women’s Australian Baseball League in future, which Lisa may potentially manage. To date, there have been women’s league showcases in Brisbane, Adelaide, and last year in Melbourne. 

When asked about general interest in the game, Lisa stated “ I believe that baseball has gained increased interest over the last few years, especially with the Australian Baseball League. Even better, if baseball was in the 2032 Olympics, it would benefit both male and female athletes considering baseball as a career.” 

Lisa is eager to see what the future holds, and hopes to work in baseball, both in Australia and America on a full-time basis.