Cricket’s Olympic Dream

Cricket has yet to be officially accepted Visit Brisbane 2032

Will Brisbane 2032 get it across the line?

Millions of people around the world love it but Cricket has yet to be officially accepted as a part of the Olympic Games. This is despite the fact that cricket has a long history and is one of the most popular sports in many countries.

The last time cricket was in the Olympics was in 1900 in Paris. Just the second modern Olympic Games. Only one match was played between Great Britain and France, and was more of an exhibition match rather than a medal event. Since then, cricket has been non existent in the Olympic Games.

One of the main reasons Cricket has yet to be officially accepted in the Olympics is due to the formation of the sport. Unlike many other sports, cricket is not played in a single, unified league. Instead, many different countries take part each with their own rules and regulations. This makes it difficult for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to accurately assess the level of skill and competition.

Another reason why cricket is not included is because of the length of the games. Cricket matches can last for several days, and this does not suit the Olympic schedule. This is designed to be compact and fast-paced. Additionally, the Olympic Games are every four years, and cricket’s schedule does not align with that.

Challenging Times

Despite these challenges, there have been efforts in recent years to get cricket included in the Olympics. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has proposed a shortened version of the game called “Twenty20” which could be in the Olympics. This version of the game is faster paced and matches only last for a few hours. This could make it more appealing to the IOC, as it would fit more easily into the Olympic schedule. The inclusion of Twenty20 cricket is the best chance for cricket to be in the Olympics. The IOC will have to weigh the pros and cons of including it in the Olympic line up and decide if it is the right fit.

However, cricket still faces a steep uphill battle in its quest to be in the Olympics. There are many other sports that are also competing for inclusion, and the IOC has limited resources and space to accommodate them all. Additionally, the decision to include a sport in the Olympics is not just based on its popularity or skill level, but also on its global reach and potential for growth.  While cricket has not yet been officially accepted into the Olympic Games, not in Paris 2024 nor LA 2028, there are efforts underway to make it happen.  

Australian Dreams

For us Australians, cricket is one of our most popular sports.  It has a long history in the country. The sport is part of the national identity and is widely played at both amateur and professional levels. The Australian national cricket team is one of the best teams in the world. Australia has won multiple ICC trophies. The team has a strong rivalry with the England team. The matches between these two teams are one of the most important events in the cricket calendar. The Australian cricket team has a large following and their matches are widely watched and followed by all. 

The ICC will again put in a bid for the 2032 Brisbane Olympics while the nation holds its breath.